School/Daycare Physicals

Who Should Get a School/Daycare Physical Form completed at their yearly well visit?

All children should have a yearly well visit but only some children require a School or Daycare form to be completed at the yearly well visit.

Children in Head Start, Daycare, or Preschool are required to have a Certificate of Child Health Examination Form completed yearly.

Children entering Kindergarten, 6th grade, 9th grade and any school aged child changing schools are required to have a State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination Form completed.

Once completed, the Certificate of Child Health Examination Form is good for 1 year.

Please call Early to schedule your child’s yearly well visit especially in the summer months our schedule fills up quickly so please plan ahead.

What Should You Bring To Your Child's School/Daycare Physical?

Any specific form required by the daycare or school

Any medication, allergy or asthma forms required by the school.

Up to date vaccination record including any vaccinations your child has received outside of our office.

If your child wears glasses or contacts, bring those along to the exam.

A list of your child's medications including any medications you will need refilled.