Newborn Care

Well, first thing’s first – we want to say our congrats to you for becoming a parent! Parenthood is one of the most precious things in life and one of the most satisfying experiences of them all.

Basically, what you need to know about the newborn care process, starts at a time when the physician is discharging your baby from the hospital, he/she will tell you when to bring your baby into the office. Typically your infant will need to be seen 24-72 hours after discharge.


Such first routine things as weighing and measuring your baby, on par with some basic examination of the health and wellbeing will be all performed at that time. Come prepared with any questions that you might want to ask us and also be sure to bring the discharge paperwork that was given to you by the hospital.

After your first newborn well visits, the provider will ask you to return for additional visits to monitor the growth and development of your child. To learn more about additional visits the Well Child Care page.