Adolescent Care

Adolescence is a challenging time for both teens and their parents. Teens are trying to become more independent while parents are trying to help them make good decisions and develop into healthy, responsible adults.


Our providers understand this challenge and will work with both teens and parents to navigate the adolescent years.  During Adolescent visits the provider may ask the parent to step out of the room to be able to speak with the teen privately.  This is not meant to keep the parent out of the loop but instead to provide a safe place for the patient to express any concerns and for our providers to ask questions a teen may not be comfortable answering with a parent in the room.


Confidentiality and teens

In the state of Illinois,  adolescents are provided certain confidentiality rights related to mental health, substance use, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and some other specific conditions so there may be times your teen's provider will not be able to share certain information with you about your teen.  Also there are certain test results we may need to give directly to your teen.   As providers we always encourage teens to share information with their parents but in certain situations we may not be legally able to share that information directly a parent.