Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder

Children are often referred to our office by parents or schools due to concerns about symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, poor concentration, and impulsivity.  These symptoms can be normal if we are talking about a toddler but may be sign of treatable issues in an older child.  All children can exhibit these behaviors at one time or another but when these behaviors interfere with a child’s daily functioning they may need evaluation.

Untreated ADD/ADHD can lead to difficulty learning, difficulty in peer relationships, increased risk taking behavior, and poor self esteem as well as frustrated parents.

If you have concerns about  your child’s behavior please be sure to  discuss these with your child’s pediatrician.  As part of our evaluation of your concerns we will ask you to complete certain evaluations as well as providing forms for your child’s teachers to complete.  This will allow us to make a diagnosis, if appropriate, and determine if your concerns require interventions or treatment.  Children who require treatment for ADD/ADHD typically need follow up visits with their pediatrician every 3 months for follow up and monitoring of their medications (if prescribed).