Medication Refills

For most routine medication refills –  please contact your pharmacy to request they electronically send our office a refill request.

Refill requests should be made at least 3 business days before the medication is needed.

Alternative methods for requesting refills:

Call the office at 630-820-7100 during normal business hours  OR if you have a portal account you can request your refill at any time online.

Your refill request should include:
Medication Name
Pharmacy name and location


Important Notes About Refills

Plan to refill your child's medications such as those for asthma, allergies, skin conditions, etc at your child's yearly well visits.

Medications will not be refilled if your child has not been seen for their routine yearly well visit.

For certain conditions (such as ADHD) refills will only be provided if patient is up to date with recommended follow up visits.

Not all medications can be sent electronically to the pharmacy (such as some medications for seizures, ADD/ADHD, and mental health) therefore a parent will need to pick these prescriptions up at our office during normal business hours. Identification will be checked and parent will be asked to sign to pick up the form.

Please be aware insurances frequently change which medications are covered and if this happens there may be a delay in filling your child's medication.